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Sound engineer at work


About our company

AK VIBE is a company involved in professional sound and light systems. It is constantly developing winning the appreciation of all who have trusted us.

AK VIBE handles the study, design, placement & setup of sound and light systems for: Cafes, Clubs, Bars, Nightclubs, Live shows, Events, Concerts etc.


The after sales service of AK VIBE was designed with the client in mind. It involves troubleshooting, light software setup and any other problems the client may have with the equipment. This service is available 24 hours a day.

We deal with every client responsibly having in mind and respecting details of the area the system will be setup in, thus giving excellent audiovisual results.

Our Goal

Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Offering reliable solutions, for the creation of an excellent aesthetic and acoustic result. With a specialised team of audio and visual technicians and constantly investing in top quality sound and light systems of well known companies.

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